About Me


Adam Alexander Campbell

Date of Birth

30th July 1998


Edinburgh, United Kingdom



Employment Satus


I'm Adam, a fourth year student at Heriot-Watt University, studying a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I have a keen interest in App Development, Software Engineering, and Web Development, all of which I have a firm understanding of and often spend my spare time practising.
My spare time consists of; programming, studying, researching technology, or traveling. While some of my personal programming projects have been listed on my website (and on my Github), there are a few which I can not upload online due to my university's plagiarism policy. Most notably, I have developed an iOS App which at this current time can not be uploaded online however, I can demonstrate this App to anyone who is interested.
More about me, I am deeply interested technology, as I often spend my spare time researching new and emerging technologies. Therefore, I am always up to date with the latest tech trends.
Another key interest of mines is traveling, which I try to participate in whenever possible. I love participating in new experiences, and I try to capture these moments spent traveling as much as possible. Therefore, you can find a section of my webpage dedicated to my traveling experiences.
On my page you will find 4 sections. UNIVERSITY WORK, a brief outline of my experiences at University. RESUME, a copy of my resume. EXPERIENCE, a very brief outline of some of my personal projects. TRAVELING, a section dedicated to my travels and the images which I captured while traveling.